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Rongta Technologies Invites You to 2023 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition


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  • All In One Touch Scale

    Aurora Y1 PC Based POS Scale All In One Touch Scale 1. All-in-one design, printer built-in, easy for operation; 2. High protection, pedestal-closed design, Huge FHD screen; 3. Reliable sensor, with stable and accurate weighing; Rongta also offers tailor-made weighing solution (OEM & ODM) according to the customer’s specific requirement. More

  • RFID Sticker Printer

    RPF412 RFID Sticker Printer 1. Direct Thermal printing or Thermal Transfer printing. 2. RFID function, records all RFID data, ensuring complete traceability. 3. Comes with editing software and built-in driver. 4. Compatible with TSPL / CPCL / ZPL commands. 5. Optional Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC function. More

  • 3inch Waybill Label Printer

    RP311 Shipping Express Waybill Label Printer 1. Intelligent detection, automatic feed and reverse paper 2. Integrated design, easy operation 3. Label off intelligent function 4. Fast printing, save printing time greatly 5. Superior heat dissipation, can handle large workload printing More

  • Shipping Label Printer Thermal

    RP422 120mm Shipping Label Printer Thermal for Express, Logistics, Warehousing 1. No paper bin design, small and light body, convenient to move at any time in office, saving space; 2. One-piece structure design, simple and fashionable appearance; 3. Easy to operate, can be done in once; 4. Fast printing, save printing time, the maximum printing speed of 150mm/s; 5. Color matching support personalized customization; More

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Rongta Technologies Invites You to 2023 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition

  • 2023-04-07

From April 20th to 22nd, the China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition will once again be held in Nanjing, providing an opportunity for the industry to reconnect and communicate.

Rongta Technologies warmly looks forward to exchanging ideas with all business partners at this exhibition, discussing the development trend of intelligent measurement technology, and finding new opportunities in anticipation of the industry's development trend.

According to data from the China Commerce Industry Research Institute, the size of China's smart retail market reached 387 billion yuan in 2020 and is expected to reach approximately 1.8 trillion yuan by 2022, with growth rate of 116%. In addition, another Research Institute predicts that China's digital retail market will account for 5% of the total retail sales in the country by 2026.

With the rapid growth of the smart retail market, more and more intelligent weighing technology is being applied to inventory management and transactions in supermarkets, convenience stores, catering, medicine, and other industries. Intelligent weighing devices have become indispensable measuring tools.

In the intelligent retail scene, intelligent weighing equipment will not only be measuring tools but also important devices for data analysis and processing. They play a vital role in ensuring the quality and specifications of goods, improving store operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Rongta Technologies has been committed to pushing forward the upgrading of intelligent weighing industry, providing high-precision and high-stability measurement and data processing solutions, and assisting the retail industry in improving operational efficiency.

At 2023 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition, Rongta team will showcase lately developed weighing instrument products that are more intelligent and convenient, providing businesses with more comprehensive and accurate decision-making support.

Rongta team looks forward to jointly exploring how to provide more professional and intelligent measurement solutions with you. Please stop by Rongta Technologies at Booth 6511-6514.
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