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Rongta Technology made its debut at ASEAN Retail Exhibition in Bangkok


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  • All In One Touch Scale

    Aurora Y1 PC Based POS Scale All In One Touch Scale 1. All-in-one design, printer built-in, easy for operation; 2. High protection, pedestal-closed design, Huge FHD screen; 3. Reliable sensor, with stable and accurate weighing; Rongta also offers tailor-made weighing solution (OEM & ODM) according to the customer’s specific requirement. More

  • RFID Sticker Printer

    RPF412 RFID Sticker Printer 1. Direct Thermal printing or Thermal Transfer printing. 2. RFID function, records all RFID data, ensuring complete traceability. 3. Comes with editing software and built-in driver. 4. Compatible with TSPL / CPCL / ZPL commands. 5. Optional Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC function. More

  • 3inch Waybill Label Printer

    RP311 Shipping Express Waybill Label Printer 1. Intelligent detection, automatic feed and reverse paper 2. Integrated design, easy operation 3. Label off intelligent function 4. Fast printing, save printing time greatly 5. Superior heat dissipation, can handle large workload printing More

  • Shipping Label Printer Thermal

    RP422 120mm Shipping Label Printer Thermal for Express, Logistics, Warehousing 1. No paper bin design, small and light body, convenient to move at any time in office, saving space; 2. One-piece structure design, simple and fashionable appearance; 3. Easy to operate, can be done in once; 4. Fast printing, save printing time, the maximum printing speed of 150mm/s; 5. Color matching support personalized customization; More

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Rongta Technology made its debut at ASEAN Retail Exhibition in Bangkok

  • 2023-07-18

The ASEAN Retail Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand is the largest retail trade show in the ASEAN region. It has been successfully held for eight editions, providing a platform for the industry practitioners in retail products, retail technology and services, store design and furniture, and e-commerce to exchange ideas along the entire industry chain.

To better understand the development of the retail industry in Southeast Asia, tap into market demands, and expand business in the region, the team from Rongta Technologies participated in this year's Thailand Retail Exhibition in Bangkok.

Retail industries worldwide are facing significant challenges from disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, leading to an unprecedented transformation. However, in the post-pandemic era, with countries gradually reopening and people returning to their normal lives, both traditional retail and e-commerce have shown a rebound trend, demonstrating sustained attractiveness and growth.

According to a recent report from research firm Forrester Analytics, online retail in six major Southeast Asian countries is projected to grow nearly threefold, from $19 billion in 2018 to $53 billion in 2023.

As a manufacturer of smart commercial equipment solutions, Rongta Technology made its debut at the Thailand Retail Exhibition, showcasing innovative intelligent products tailored for retail and warehousing industries.

This year, in response to the digital upgrade demands of retail, catering, warehousing logistics, and healthcare industries, Rongta Technology launched a series of new smart products, including intelligent handheld data terminals, AI scales, mobile POS terminals, RFID printers, label/ticket printers, etc. The technological upgrades and stability enhancements of these products will deliver more value to both new and existing customers, making them the focus of local clients' attention at the exhibition.

Y3L Smart Cash Register Scale: Accurate Recognition Efficient Checkout

The new Y3L smart cash register scale from Rongta provides supermarkets and chain retailers with an integrated solution for weighing, printing, and checkout. All weighing and scanning of goods are done at the cashier, allowing consumers to complete the entire checkout process, including weighing and scanning, in one go, thus improving the operational efficiency of supermarkets and enhancing the shopping experience for consumers.

A2 Smart Desktop Terminal: Sleek Design Smooth Operation

The A2 smart desktop ordering and cash register terminal is equipped with an Intel Core i7 high-performance processor, a full HD display, a stylish all-metal body, a 15.6-inch ultra-thin bezel, and a foldable design for a minimalist yet elegant look. It also offers options for single and dual screens, providing users with a flexible choice.

Additionally, Rongta team presented new products such as cloud printers and wristband printers, which attracted wide attention and a continuous stream of visits from new and existing customers, who came to the booth for discussion and understanding.

In the future, Rongta Technology will continue to uphold the values of "Inclusiveness, Innovation, Changing the World," focusing on identifying and meeting market demands, advancing technological upgrades, exploring differentiated product innovations, and providing even more professional and high-quality services to help customers create greater value.

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