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AI Scales help supermarkets Lower Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency


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AI Scales help supermarkets Lower Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency

  • 2023-08-09

Facing the rising complexity and uncertainty of the economic environment, lowering costs and increasing efficiency has become a priority for many business owners. An increasing number of chain supermarkets, fresh retail stores, fruit shops, and large department stores are exploring ways to control daily operational cost.

Reducing operational costs can be reflected in areas such as reducing inventory cycles, improving logistics and warehousing efficiency, and optimizing product structures. Additionally, visual intelligent recognition technology represented by AI scales can effectively enhance store operation efficiency and reduce costs.

Remove Weighing Stations

Typically, consumers in supermarkets need to weigh their fresh products at weighing stations before taking the weighed-and-labeled items to the checkout counter. However, such a cumbersome process inadvertently affects the consumer experience and increases personnel costs for supermarkets.

Observant consumers may notice that some supermarkets have removed weighing stations. After selecting loose fresh products, consumers can directly head for the checkout counter for weighing and payment. This greatly enhances shopping convenience, thanks to AI scales that can automatically identify produce, no matter loose or bagged.

At the supermarket checkout, adding an AI scales/computer scale is sufficient. All the cashier has to do is to place the item to be weighed on the scale, which automatically weighs and calculates price and prints out the price label. The cashier can then scan the code to complete check-out, without increasing workload or reducing checkout efficiency.

Avoid Potential Sales Losses, Reduce Hidden Costs

Some supermarkets, while also adding smart scales, still keep the weighing stations, and also achieves cost reduction and efficiency improvement. The advantage is that it significantly shortens the time required for weighing, lowers staff-hiring threshold and training costs.

Typically, supermarkets have dozens to hundreds of SKUs of fruits and vegetables, with prices adjusted based on factors like seasons and promotional activities. Remembering all the SKUs is a challenging task. New weighing staff may not remember them accurately at once, leading to errors or prolonged weighing time.

With the help of AI scales, store staff no longer need to manually input SKUs. The intelligent camera and algorithm of the scales automatically identify the item placed on the platter, and can complete weighing, price calculation, and printing price label in less than 3 seconds.

Through intelligent scales, new staff can easily begin work without having to memorize hundreds of SKUs. This reduces the complexity of the weighing process and significantly enhances weighing and settlement efficiency.

RONGTA AI Scales, Your smart and reliable assitant

RONGTA AI Scales can achieve product recognition, weighing, printing price labels, etc. The scale body is waterproof and insect-proof, enabling to function at the challenging environment in fresh areas. They are suitable for supermarkets, fresh retail stores, groceries, and neighborhood  convenience stores.

RONGTA AI Scale can come with single or dual screens. The dual-screen version is able to display different contents on the two sides. The main screen is used for staff operation, while the customer-facing screen displays promotional information, introducing on-sale items or popular items to customers. The touchscreens can be operated with wet hands or gloved hands.

In general, the introduction of AI scales enable store staff to better perform tasks like sorting and displaying goods, packaging, and receiving customers, achieving cost reduction, while providing customers a better shopping experience.

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