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Break Open A Way, Forge Ahead - 2019 EUROCIS


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  • Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE H1 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Compact design, fashionable appearance 2. Support paper margin and line spacing adjustment 3. 250mm/s high printing speed 4. Support voice alarm and NFC function 5. Switching compatibility for paper out front and paper out upward More

  • Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE V1 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Big gear, long life, durable performance 2. Wall hanging, order come flashing, paper end, voice reminding , NFC function 3. Fashionable appearance, easy operating 4. Support successive paper, label paper and without bottom paper printing 5. 350mm/s high speed printing More

  • ACE G1Y 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE G1Y 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Exquisite fashion, auto cutter 2. Simple operation, long service life 3. Voice alarm function 4. Voice prompt, NFC function More

  • RPP04 Portable Label Printer

    RPP04 Portable Label Printer 1. Reliable quality,IP54 certificate 2. Super strong battery life to print 300m continuously 3. Fast charging for 10 minutes with 30% power 4. Small and exquisite appearance,convenient to carry with optional strap 5. Support paper peeling function,easy and convenient More

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Break Open A Way, Forge Ahead - 2019 EUROCIS

  • 01 Mar, 2019

With the warm currents of the North Atlantic flooding into the plains of Europe, Germany February is exceptionally warm and glorious.

The annual European Commercial Retail Trade IT Technology and Security Solutions Exhibition (EUROCIS) was grandly opened on February 19, 2019 at the Düsseldorf trade fair in the Rhine.

Break Open A Way, Forge Ahead - 2019 EUROCIS

As a leading trade fair in the field of retail technology, it not only shows the latest retail IT technology and security solutions, but also focuses on exploring the future development of the retail industry, with more creative and innovative technology for retail trade IT. The three-day exhibition attracted nearly 500 exhibitors and more than 15,000 visitors from Germany and around the world.

As a leading brand in the field of commercial printing equipment, RONGTA is constantly working his best to make progress, to learn and communicate with the most advanced technology solutions in the International industry, and will certainly not miss this important industry event.

Break Open A Way, Forge Ahead - 2019 EUROCIS

At the exhibition, RONGTA unveiled its complete product portfolio, highlighting the stylish bill printer ACH H1 & V1, the multi-purpose 4-inch portable label printer RPP04, the innovative smart PC scale, and the superior 2-inch printers, receipt printer ACE G1 and other high-end equipment. The exquisite artistic design and excellent products attracted many visitors for further negotiation.

Relying on the continuous development and innovation in the field of printing equipment for many years, RONGTA has reached excellent achievements in the International market development and has accumulated a high International reputation.

Break Open A Way, Forge Ahead - 2019 EUROCIS

As the International market is becoming more and more competitive, RONGTA is increasingly aware of the diversification of user demand for products and the rapid iteration of technology iterations. In this regard, RONGTA will adhere to the spirit of active exploration, to meet the needs of each user with forward-looking products, and will always adhere to the spirit of innovation to provide the most advanced technical solutions for the development of the retail industry.

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