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Rongta in 2017 Brazil AUTOCOM


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  • Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE H1 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Compact design, fashionable appearance 2. Support paper margin and line spacing adjustment 3. 250mm/s high printing speed 4. Support voice alarm and NFC function 5. Switching compatibility for paper out front and paper out upward More

  • Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE V1 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Big gear, long life, durable performance 2. Wall hanging, order come flashing, paper end, voice reminding , NFC function 3. Fashionable appearance, easy operating 4. Support successive paper, label paper and without bottom paper printing 5. 350mm/s high speed printing More

  • ACE G1Y 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE G1Y 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Exquisite fashion, auto cutter 2. Simple operation, long service life 3. Voice alarm function 4. Voice prompt, NFC function More

  • RPP04 Portable Label Printer

    RPP04 Portable Label Printer 1. Reliable quality,IP54 certificate 2. Super strong battery life to print 300m continuously 3. Fast charging for 10 minutes with 30% power 4. Small and exquisite appearance,convenient to carry with optional strap 5. 90mm/s high printing speed,support paper peeling function,easy and convenient More

Latest News

  • Rongta Label Scale,Oriental Pearl
    Rongta Label Scale,Oriental Pearl 2019-07-18

    The morning sun rises from the East Sea, brings vitality to beautiful Shanghai.The beautiful scenery of the Ten-Mile Bund is shrouded in a bustling. Rongta made an appointment with customers from all over the world once again in“Oriental Paris”- Shanghai to participate in the 23rd InterWeighing...

  • Breakthrough for New-Concept Retail
    Breakthrough for New-Concept Retail 2018-06-05

    As the second largest International 3C/IT industry chain exhibition in the world, the 39th Taipei International Computer Show (Computex Taipei 2019) was opened on May 28, 2019 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. The exhibition attracted 1,685 exhibitors and 42,495 visitors, and showed 5,508 uniqu...

  • Marching Ahead, Hand in Hand -- 2019 RONGTA Overseas Marketing Center Activity
    Marching Ahead, Hand in Hand -- 2019 RONGTA Overseas Marketing Center Activity 2019-05-27

    In 2019, Rongta set foot on the journey of the new year. In the past 2 months, Rongta Technology International Marketing Center has continuously achieving progress. Up to now, the sales amount of our team has increased by 25% compared with the same period of last year. In order to relieve the work p...

Rongta in 2017 Brazil AUTOCOM

  • 2017-04-11

In the most pleasant day of April, grasses grow long, warblers fly high, and all things come to their lives. Accompanied by the Atlantic breeze blowing the Latin continent. AUTOCOM was held from April 4th to April 6th, 2017 in the samba country Brazil. Rongta, with the commitment to innovation and changing the world, traveled thousands of miles, led his team to participate in this exhibition.

Rongta in 2017 Brazil AUTOCOM

With the belief of Bringing news and not abandon his tradition, not forget his original will. Rongta bring series new products, sincere service and vigorous business opportunities; at the same time, accesses to gain rich harvest by endeavors as always in Brazil.

Rongta in 2017 Brazil AUTOCOM

With the hard endeavor of Rongta team in the past few years in the Brazilian market, Rongta products got his piece of cake in this market, and RONGTA trademark also gradually enjoys a certain reputation. As customers like: the desktop printer --- stable and reliable, the portable printer - trust, light and convenient. Rongta products have been integrated into the lives of Brazilians and changed for them.

Rongta in 2017 Brazil AUTOCOM

This exhibition provides Rongta a professional stage, not only to the majority of exhibitors to show our ingenuity, but also for the output of our business philosophy to provide a steady stream of the source. The Originality of the PC scale, the industrys top small ticket and label two-in-one printer "God of War" V1, smart, high-class front-paper-out printer "God of War" H1, as well as the imitation ecological design RPP320, are Rongta’s inspiration for innovation. Burst out of the design and light weight quality of the show; let a fresh feeling to the site customers.

Rongta in 2017 Brazil AUTOCOM

Rongta in 2017 Brazil AUTOCOM

"The sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers because of its capacity.” It is the style that Rongta Tech has always been adhering. The principal of collecting the advantages of others, never stop getting better has let Rongta’s partners to enjoy the great successful by cooperating with us. "Innovation, change the world" is Rongta’s commitment to the world, and also the source of the corporate culture. Only solid and innovative products can serve the world. Rongta is making his promise by taking actions and offering excellent products.

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