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Rongta New Arrival –Twinkling in Computex Taipei 2017


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  • Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE H1 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Compact design, fashionable appearance 2. Support paper margin and line spacing adjustment 3. 250mm/s high printing speed 4. Support voice alarm and NFC function 5. Switching compatibility for paper out front and paper out upward More

  • Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE V1 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Big gear, long life, durable performance 2. Wall hanging, order come flashing, paper end, voice reminding , NFC function 3. Fashionable appearance, easy operating 4. Support successive paper, label paper and without bottom paper printing 5. 350mm/s high speed printing More

  • ACE G1Y 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer

    ACE G1Y 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer 1. Exquisite fashion, auto cutter 2. Simple operation, long service life 3. Voice alarm function 4. Voice prompt, NFC function More

  • RPP04 Portable Label Printer

    RPP04 Portable Label Printer 1. Reliable quality,IP54 certificate 2. Super strong battery life to print 300m continuously 3. Fast charging for 10 minutes with 30% power 4. Small and exquisite appearance,convenient to carry with optional strap 5. 90mm/s high printing speed,support paper peeling function,easy and convenient More

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Rongta New Arrival –Twinkling in Computex Taipei 2017

  • 2017-06-07

Computex was held from May.30th,2017 to Jun.3rd,2017 in Taipei,Taiwan. Xiamen Rongta Technology as the worlds professional commercial POS printing equipment manufacturer attended this exhibition with a grand participation and a professional team. Now let us follow the pace of RONGTA to enjoy this show.

Rongta New Arrival –Twinkling in Computex Taipei 2017

Taiwan, Chinas largest island, has a population of about 23 million. Since the 1960s, in the economic and social development by leaps and bounds, create the worlds famous "Taiwan miracle", and becomes one of the Four Asian Tigers , has a major international influence in the economy.

Rongta New Arrival –Twinkling in Computex Taipei 2017

With the rapid increase of IT area, POS hardware field has been changed with each passing day. Computex Taipei as one of the professional and largest POS hardware exhibitions, it is deeply attracts the POS factory, software company and import enterprises of all over the world to join this elaborate event. As the top class professional printer device manufacturer in Chinese mainland, Rongta had attended to this exhibition in the 5th year.

Rongta New Arrival –Twinkling in Computex Taipei 2017

“Innovation, tolerance & changing of the world”has always been Rongta’s purpose and aim of execution. As the saying goes, all rivers run into sea. Rongta team has been committed to the innovation and development of this industry, here in Computex, Rongta shows the classic receipt printers, outstanding label scales, creative label printers and the newly designed smart POS to the customers from all over the world to satisfy the various needs from different customers in different industries. Via the professional responding to the guests, the attractive enthusiasm and the perfect teamwork, Rongta’s sophisticated sales team has impressed the guests involved in this exhibition with Rongta’s unique culture & enterprise spirit.

Rongta New Arrival –Twinkling in Computex Taipei 2017

Rongta New Arrival –Twinkling in Computex Taipei 2017

Rome was not built in a day. On Taipei Computex, Rongta has attracted numerous clients on booth under its spell. We win the trust and loyalty from clients with enthusiastic and professional attitude. YOU ALWAYS FAST is the reflection from the clients’ in Computex. Trust Rongta, Rongta keeps moving and never stops.

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