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2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City


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2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City

  • 2018-01-02

On December 23 to 24, 2017, a year-end work summary meeting of Rongta Technology was held in Hotel Athena in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 31 key members above the executive-level from Marketing Center and Factory Center have attended the meeting. After two days of tense but effective report and discussion, the meeting has gained a great success.

2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City

At 9:00 am on December 23, the meeting began on time. CEO Jimmy Xu delivered the opening speech by reviewing his entrepreneurial process again and Rongta Technology’s continuous development until today. The first annual meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2014, the second one was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2015 and the third one was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2016. This is the fourth annual meeting being held in a foreign country. CEO Jimmy Xu has explained the reason why he reviews his entrepreneurial process every time in the annual meeting. That is because he always keeps the original intention and the sense of ownership of an entrepreneur and always be strict with himself by developing the company from one person into more than 500 people. Rongta Technology has stepped into a new stage of development until now and he realizes that he have to shoulder more responsibility. In order to implement the company’s development plan, all the management staffs have gathered here. We need to make a comprehensive summary of the goals have been achieved and the existing problems in 2017 and discuss the target and plan and the specific executive strategy of 2018. Let’s carry out the company’s executive culture, obey the principle of raising a question and solving the question and proceed the meeting efficiently and pragmatically.

2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City

After the opening speech, all departments from Factory Center and Marketing Center have made a detailed report about the achievements and existing problems of 2017 and the working plan of 2018. Firstly, Product Department, R&D Department and Production Center have made a report about the progress and achievement of R&D for all the projects in 2017. Nowadays, with a faster speed of innovation and iteration of commercial hardware and the changing needs of scenario application, we face an increasing difficulty in researching, developing and innovating. Rongta Technology will keep increasing its investment in the R&D of the new products and strengthening the team of technical talents. We not only need to work hard in the known quadrant, but also need to explore courageously about the unknown area. Combining the feedback from the Marketing Department and Sales Department about the market needs and the requirement of the R&D speed, we will provide the Marketing Center with the most competitive product with high quality by improving the project mechanism and performance appraisal. According to the performance data, the Factory Center could make a comprehensive analysis for the problems like productive efficiency, quality control, supply chain integration and warehousing operation and offer a specific improvement solution for the insufficient places. CEO ever told us that the execution is the competitiveness in the environment of increasingly fierce competition in the industry. Factory Center will try our best to deliver qualified product better and faster, optimize the production chain, improve the personnel and production efficiency and deliver the qualified product as soon as possible.

2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City

Then all sales departments of the Marketing Center have made a detailed report about the successful implementation of the overall standardization management in 2017. The annual sales of Marketing Center have realized a 40% growth than 2016. We have realized the expected target of high revenue growth on the basis of increasing cardinal number. The International Sales Department keeps developing new business and new project on the basis of strengthening the original business. And we have built a new department named International Department V. In 2017, we have added 20% more new customers than 2016 and the overseas customers have been distributed in 200 more countries and districts. With the helping of the overall standardization management, the overall sales of Domestic Department have increased steadily. The Domestic Department I keeps developing the business by various channels, optimizing the structure of customers and make the due contribution in domestic revenue. The Domestic Department II has a major breakthrough in 2017 by realizing a 90% sales growth and has completed the layout of national sales channels. The Domestic Department III has realized a slight increase in sales in the environment of decreased needs.

2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City

The Finance Department has strengthened its team, carried out the work orderly and enhanced the department function. The company has strengthen the function of the General Manager Office, the Marketing Department and the team construction, which have offered more marketing support for the Sales Department and better coordinated the works between different departments. The Technical Department and Post-sales Service Department of the Customer Service Center have enhanced its sense of service and technical ability on the basis of a better management system. The Human Resources Department not only meets the manpower demands, but also cultivates the enterprise culture by holding cultural festival, enriching the employees’ spare time and increasing the team cohesion and job-related happiness.

After the reports of all departments, CEO Jimmy Xu has organized the discussion aiming at the problems raised by each department and the plan of 2018, and has made a overall analysis about the reports. The company has gained high-speed growth in 2017 but it also has many insufficient places. Each department has done self-examination for their own shortcomings and offered matched solutions in the report. An enterprise must have faced a lot of problems in the course of development which require us to look at the problems objectively and face them bravely. It is the purpose of the meeting--discovering and solving the problems.

2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City

CEO Jimmy Xu has made a summary of the reports and arranged the emphasis of work of 2018.

We have made sales target, marketing strategy and implementation details of 2018 and so on. Regarding the business direction, we have also made a strategic adjustment and had a new focus on the basis of consolidating the original market players. In order to achieve the goal of 2018, Rongta Technology will provide overall and sufficient resources in the areas of new product development, technical support, manpower allocation, internal control support and post-sales service.

Rongta Technology will not only offer rich new products in the area with known needs, but also break the boundary and explore the new technical area. Until now, the company has explored the areas of SaaS and AI and then has discovered more application need and has brought more excellent products and commercial opportunities for clients by solving the market pain point.

2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City

The plan for human resources is absorbing more excellent talent and broadening diversified recruitment channels especially for the outstanding R&D talent and the sales talent with knowledge of electronic products. Strengthen the construction of enterprise culture and the tough teamwork style like wolf, offer more chance of training and promotion for outstanding employees and prepare the personnel reserve and echelon construction to satisfy the company’s development needs.

Speed up the E10 system, optimize the process, dig the instrumental effect and eliminate all unnecessary processes. Roundly optimize the process and deduct the block between the product, R&D, production, finance, sales, post-sales and overseas office, make the system more smoothly and improve the operating efficiency of the company.

The company needs to strengthen the internal control in 2018. With the sustained revenue growth and a growing number of employees, the company has more strict requirements for the company system and the management staff. In order to establish standard management system for employees and the company, it is necessary to improve the system construction, regularly review and update the job responsibility and operation detail and strengthen the performance appraisal.

2017 Year-end Work Summary Meeting of Rongta Technololy was Held Successfully in Ho Chi Minh City

We need to strengthen the construction of post-sales team and enhance the sense of service by satisfying the clients’ post-sale request and provide the clients with efficient post-sale service and professional technical support. In 2018, the company will adjust and upgrade the whole structure of post-sale service by combing the post-sale service function of the Branch Office into the Head Office. And we will build the service station together with our dealers and layout the comprehensive post-sale service system in the purpose of offering high quality post-sale services to the company, sales team, dealers and the clients.

Finally, the CEO hope all the participants in the meeting will make themselves as an example and lead the team to execute the plan of 2018. 2018 is a new year with a new dimension. We have to seek for innovation and better ideas and working together to realize a greater breakthrough in the sales. Forge ahead bravely for the bright future.

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