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Innovator, Let's go! -2016 Rongta Year-end ceremony successfully concluded


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Innovator, Let's go! -2016 Rongta Year-end ceremony successfully concluded

  • 2017-01-12

Broad-minded person will succeed, Innovator will go further.

Go with dreams, innovation is endless. After a successful year of 2016, Rongta is sailing out for the new journey.

Innovator. Let's go! -2016 RONGTA Year-end ceremony successfully concluded

January 6th-8th 2017, Rongta Technology solemnly held Innovator, Let’s go! 2016 year-end ceremony at Xiamen Xianglu Grand Hotel .

High-end cocktail party, exciting new products release conference, wonderful year-end dinner. Rongta getting together with best partners and suppliers from all around the world. With more than 700 people joined the ceremony, we sharing the joy and happiness.

Today, we are here together to witness Rongta’s successful achievements of 2016, and open the new chapter of 2017.

Innovator. Let's go! -2016 RONGTA Year-end ceremony successfully concluded

In the late afternoon of Jan 6th, brilliant lights lit on the street. At the dock of Heping, star of Putuo cruise, more than 150 guests attended the welcome cocktail party. With mellifluous notes flowing from the violin, the guests enjoyed the wonderful performance, delicious dishes and wines.

In Jan 7th morning, some of the guests visited Rongta’s factory at Gaoqi Industrial Park Huli Area and the Office located at the Wanda Plaza Huli Area. Afternoon, all of the guests visited the products exhibition at the mail hall of the hotel. They had expanded Lively discussion with Rongta staff about the products.

The most highlight of the year-end ceremony –New Product Release Conference which held at 14:30 afternoon, Jan 7th 2017. The whole conference using Bilingual in English and Chinese. Our President Jimmy Xu delivered opening speech to express the warmly welcome and appreciation to our guests. He gave a brief overview about how Rongta developed in the year of 2016. Year 2016,is a year of great achievements. Both sales performance and market share occupancy increased rapidly. POS receipt printer shipment volumes occupied the No.1 in the domestic market. With POS receipt printer, dot matrix printer, and label printer these three series products full line entering the market. Rongta has laid it’s giant status in the POS industry. He said in order to keep up with the trend of the times, Rongta’s Research & Development was further enhancing.

President Jimmy demonstrated a newly technical achievement-Cloud printing. Just merely using Ipad in hand, he could send various type of printing command to one printer in the office in Beijing. Demonstration effect was highly recognized by the guests.

Subsequently, the Vice President River Xu brought a visual shock to us again. In the videos of Product Release for ACE series receipt printers, ACE H1(S88A)/ACE S1(S88B) “Beyond of the War”; For portable label printer RPP320 "Portable label printer, mobile your business" ; For the worlds most fashionable PC based scale AURORA S1 "Change, When Aurora Comes". "Tolerance, Innovation, Change the world," the enterprise mission throughout in the product release process, glowing with shining starlight! The conference was again excited applause of joy.

In the final part of the press conference, Rongta presented the award of "Best Partner", "Best Supplier", "Excellent Managers" and "Excellent Staff" to the one that worth it individually. President of Rongta wished all the winners realized the win-win in the cooperation with Rongta and double their efforts in working.

After the end of the product conference, Rongta held a 70-table appreciation dinner in the hotel atrium, sharing the glass of festive wine. Singing and dancing, food and awards, which composed of the main theme of the dinner. The lucky draws issued at the scene ever and again, when for IPAD and Iphone7 gift cheer up the atmosphere higher and higher. The programs independently rehearsed by Rongta employees were not so perfect but had shown the purity and honesty of Rongta. The final program which is the quintessence of China-the "Face" program pushed the dinner party to the climax. And the party was finally ended in the thanks of the host.

Everything will take a new look after spring comes. Waving hands to say goodbye to fruitful 2016 and to welcome the hopeful 2017. Achievements only stated in the story. In the new year, Rongta will work harder and achieve more to create our further development and obtain higher goals!

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