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    Aurora Y1 PC Based POS Scale All In One Touch Scale 1. All-in-one design, printer built-in, easy for operation; 2. High protection, pedestal-closed design, Huge FHD screen; 3. Reliable sensor, with stable and accurate weighing; Rongta also offers tailor-made weighing solution (OEM & ODM) according to the customer’s specific requirement. More

  • RFID Sticker Printer

    RPF412 RFID Sticker Printer 1. Direct Thermal printing or Thermal Transfer printing. 2. RFID function, records all RFID data, ensuring complete traceability. 3. Comes with editing software and built-in driver. 4. Compatible with TSPL / CPCL / ZPL commands. 5. Optional Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC function. More

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    RP311 Shipping Express Waybill Label Printer 1. Intelligent detection, automatic feed and reverse paper 2. Integrated design, easy operation 3. Label off intelligent function 4. Fast printing, save printing time greatly 5. Superior heat dissipation, can handle large workload printing More

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    RP422 120mm Shipping Label Printer Thermal for Express, Logistics, Warehousing 1. No paper bin design, small and light body, convenient to move at any time in office, saving space; 2. One-piece structure design, simple and fashionable appearance; 3. Easy to operate, can be done in once; 4. Fast printing, save printing time, the maximum printing speed of 150mm/s; 5. Color matching support personalized customization; More

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CB628 Control Board

1. Control board to drive RT628

2. Item name: Control board to drive RT628

3. Printing method: thermal

4. Paper width: 58mm

5. Printing width: 48mm

6. Resolution: 203dpi

7. Printing speed: up to 90mm/s

8. Barcode supported: I25, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Codebar, Code39, Code93, Code128, Code11, MSI

9. Font: ASCII(12×24)

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1. Control board to drive RT628

2. Item name: Control board to drive RT628

3. Item no.: CB628

4. Printing method: thermal

5. Paper width: 58mm

6. Printing width: 48mm

7. Resolution: 203dpi

8. Printing speed: up to 90mm/s

9. Barcode supported: I25, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Codebar, Code39, Code93, Code128, Code11, MSI

10. Font: ASCII(12×24)

11. Graphic printing: direct bitmap printing

12. Communication interface: RS232 or TTL

13. Power supply: 5V-9V

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Panel printer control board
CB532 Control Board

1. Printing method: thermal 2. Printing speed: up to 220mm/s 3. Resolution: 8 dots/mm, 640 dots/line 4. Paper width: 80mm 5. Printing width: 72mm 6. Barcode supported: I25, UPC-A,UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Codebar, Code39, Code93, Code128, Code11, MSI 7. Font: ASCII(12×24) 8. Graphic printing: direct bitmap printing 9. Communication interface: Parallel, Serial, USB 10. Power supply: DC 24V, 2.5A

Thermal Printer Mechanism
RT532 3" Thermal Printer Mechanism

1. High Printing Speed up to 220mm/second 2. Compatible with EPSON M-T532

Smart Handheld Data Terminal
i1 PLUS Smart Handheld Data Terminal Android 11.0

Rongta i1 PLUS is a new generation of high-end flagship intelligent handheld intelligent data terminal launched by iMACHINE. After the careful research and developing of professional team, the ultimate high performance and practicality are perfectly integrated. The thin and light body is equipped with a 6-inch FHD+ and 3D micro-curved full HD screen, it leads the trend of the high-end mobile data terminal with high-performance configuration that pursues excellent productivity and leads the industry in all orientations. Rongta i1 PLUS is perfectly suitable for application scenarios in many industries such as logistics express, warehousing inventory, manufacturing, retail e-commerce, public utilities, asset management, etc. Helping customers efficiently collect data to improve operation and management level.

Weighing Label Scale
RLS1000/RLS1100 Barcode Label Weighing Scale 15kg/30kg

1. Water-proof, moisture-proof, insect-resistant. Avoid bugs crawl into the machine, and all kinds of malfunctions causes such as wet. 2. Exquisite ,with drawable printer,easy to take out paper and replace paper, simple and convenient operation. 3. Support PLU updating on line and editing, ensure the item all the latest information.

2inch Portable Label Printer
ACE M1 2inch Portable Label Printer Bluetooth Mini

1. Reliable quality 2. Super strong battery life to print 300m continuously 3. Small and exquisite appearance,convenient to carry with optional strap 4. 90mm/s high printing speed, easy to operate and convenient

RT245 2 Thermal Printer Mechanism
RT245 2" Thermal Printer Mechanism

Compatible with Seiko LTPA245

3inch Thermal Label Printer
RP310 3inch Thermal Label Printer Bluetooth/USB for Shipping Label Printing

1. Fast printing speed, save printing time; 2. Integrated design, easy paper loading; 3. Intelligent detection, automatic feed and reverse paper; 4. Label off intelligent function; 5. Support bluetooth USB interfaces, Can handle large workload printing;

Android POS Terminal
AP02 Android POS Terminal Handheld 2G/3G/4G

1. Support GSM 2G/3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS 2. With 3.75V low-power printer, longer endurance 3. With 1.5W high power speaker 4. Innovative, all-in-one design, highly recognizable 5. Expandable storage, no need cleaning cache 6. With fixed-focus camera, for identify QR code 7. Integrated sensors, for environment self-adaptation and better user experience

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