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Lands parted, Hands held. Rongta Technology Shone in EuroShop 2020


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  • All In One Touch Scale

    Aurora Y1 PC Based POS Scale All In One Touch Scale 1. All-in-one design, printer built-in, easy for operation; 2. High protection, pedestal-closed design, Huge FHD screen; 3. Reliable sensor, with stable and accurate weighing; Rongta also offers tailor-made weighing solution (OEM & ODM) according to the customer’s specific requirement. More

  • RFID Sticker Printer

    RPF412 RFID Sticker Printer 1. Direct Thermal printing or Thermal Transfer printing. 2. RFID function, records all RFID data, ensuring complete traceability. 3. Comes with editing software and built-in driver. 4. Compatible with TSPL / CPCL / ZPL commands. 5. Optional Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC function. More

  • 3inch Waybill Label Printer

    RP311 Shipping Express Waybill Label Printer 1. Intelligent detection, automatic feed and reverse paper 2. Integrated design, easy operation 3. Label off intelligent function 4. Fast printing, save printing time greatly 5. Superior heat dissipation, can handle large workload printing More

  • Shipping Label Printer Thermal

    RP422 120mm Shipping Label Printer Thermal for Express, Logistics, Warehousing 1. No paper bin design, small and light body, convenient to move at any time in office, saving space; 2. One-piece structure design, simple and fashionable appearance; 3. Easy to operate, can be done in once; 4. Fast printing, save printing time, the maximum printing speed of 150mm/s; 5. Color matching support personalized customization; More

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Lands parted, Hands held. Rongta Technology Shone in EuroShop 2020

  • 2020-02-28

Lands parted, Hands held. Rongta Technology Shone in EuroShop 2020

EuroShop 2020, Despite the current NCP, we overcome the difficulties, here we are!

EuroShop is currently the world's largest retail-related exhibition of facilities, equipment, and technology. It has a Large-scale influence

in the world, providing a one-stop procurement exchange platform for the industry, exploring cutting-edge retail design concepts and smart retail solutions. The triennial EuroShop was grandly

held in Dusseldorf, Germany this year, from February 16th to 20th.

As a leading brand in the retail industry, Rongta Technology keeps working his best to developing international market, cherishing every international arena to show the products and promote its brand. EuroShop 2020, Despite the current NCP, we overcome the difficulties, here we are!

Lands parted, Hands held. Rongta Technology Shone in EuroShop 2020

Nice Debut, Rongta products are shinning

High-quality products are the "golden key" to impress customers and develop the market. As the industry's leading retail technology hardware provider, Rongta unveiled a series of new innovative products which endorsing Chinese retail technology.

Both the printers represented by Ares series products ACEH1, V1, GI, and the innovative commercial scales, their stylish appearance and stable quality inherit Rongta’s product concept of rich and cost-effective, which can better meet the diverse demand of the industry and create higher commercial value.

Lands parted, Hands held. Rongta Technology Shone in EuroShop 2020

Popularity, fashion, Connotation

The stylish and beautiful booth design was perfectly fit with product display, attracted many visitors " Love it at first sight". The structured product areas, including receipt printer area, label and mobile printer area, and scale area, were decorated with corresponding demonstrations, which enhanced the experience of visiting, helped the visitors Intuitive understanding the product functions and positionings.

During the exhibition, visitors from Europe, North America, South America and other regions, gathered together to discuss the latest styles and technical solutions, agent partners from different countries also brought a large number of customers to To our booth. Moreover, many forefront competitors were attracted by our products,

and showed great interest in our product ideas and functional settings.

Rongta Technology

Strong Reliability, attract intent customers on site

In recent years, Rongta Group has been accelerating its internationalization process rapidly since recent years. Its products already covered global markets such as the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Southeast Asia, providing customers with best using experience and continuously accumulating a high International reputation. During the exhibition, by introducing successful project cases and letting visitors experience the product performance on site, Rongta achieved many cooperation intentions, which demonstrated the customer trusts on the product and brand.

Rongta Technology

The brilliant performance of Rongta Technology at the exhibition stems from the accumulation of resources and technological precipitation for more than 10 years. In 2020, Rongta will adhere the innovation and promotion of commercial retail technology, Supporting the rapidly growing market demand with a richer product line, devoting itself to become a business technology company with global influence. Rongta, fight it!

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