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Rongta New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show


New products

  • RFID Sticker Printer

    RPF412 RFID Sticker Printer 1. Direct Thermal printing or Thermal Transfer printing. 2. RFID function, records all RFID data, ensuring complete traceability. 3. Comes with editing software and built-in driver. 4. Compatible with TSPL / CPCL / ZPL commands. 5. Optional Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC function. More

  • 3inch Waybill Label Printer

    RP311 Shipping Express Waybill Label Printer 1. Intelligent detection, automatic feed and reverse paper 2. Integrated design, easy operation 3. Label off intelligent function 4. Fast printing, save printing time greatly 5. Superior heat dissipation, can handle large workload printing More

  • Shipping Label Printer Thermal

    RP422 120mm Shipping Label Printer Thermal for Express, Logistics, Warehousing 1. No paper bin design, small and light body, convenient to move at any time in office, saving space; 2. One-piece structure design, simple and fashionable appearance; 3. Easy to operate, can be done in once; 4. Fast printing, save printing time, the maximum printing speed of 150mm/s; 5. Color matching support personalized customization; More

  • Shipping Label Printer

    RP421A 4inch Shipping Label Printer Bluetooth 1. Label off intelligent function 2. Bad point detection 3. Fast printing, can finish one single label printing per second, save printing time greatly 4. Superior cooling performance, can deal with big workload printing 5. Re-printing function can effectively avoid losing label info or missing printing when lack of paper 6. Switching compatiability for paper out front and paper out upward More

Latest News

  • Lands parted, Hands held. Rongta Technology Shone in EuroShop 2020
    Lands parted, Hands held. Rongta Technology Shone in EuroShop 2020 2020-02-28

    EuroShop 2020, Despite the current NCP, we overcome the difficulties, here we are! EuroShop is currently the world's largest retail-related exhibition of facilities, equipment, and technology. It has a Large-scale influence in the world, providing a one-stop procurement exchange platform for the ind...

  • Rongta At NRF, 2020
    Rongta At NRF, 2020 2020-01-21

    The annual United States New York National Retail Federation NRF opened at the Javits Convention Center in New York City from Jan. 12th to Jan. 14th, 2020. NRF is the largest professional exhibition in the world's retail industry. Almost all internationally renowned manufacturers in t...

  • Forge ahead - 2019 HK Electronics Fair Motivate Unlimited Potential Business Opportunities
    Forge ahead - 2019 HK Electronics Fair Motivate Unlimited Potential Business Opportunities 2019-10-28

    From October 13th to October 16th, the 39th Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair was held as scheduled. The exhibition brought together 3,740 exhibitors from home and abroad, attracting more than 50,000 buyers visiting and purchasing from 141 countries and regions. Despite the recent impact o...

Rongta New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

  • 2017-01-22

In New York, northern scenery, a thousand fathoms of whirling snow. Although the winter is cold, it can’t stop Rongta people, whose own persistent, Forge ahead mind to business.

In January,bringing the positive energies together with sincerest products. Rongta team began the Journey of NRF in New York.

RONGTA New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

RONGTA New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

Having more than a centurys experience, NRF is where all the magic happens because it is the only place where you can get a real life experience on all the retail production. This famous Exhibition is only focus on the supermarket, retails industry distributors shop design and architectural design. The exhibition involves a range of services and applications in store design, products and materials. Different from other retail industry exhibition, the show is more concerned about the mobile Internet era of retail technology. Mobility -the general issues retailers are most concerned will also be found at the conference to have further solution.

RONGTA New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

NRF is well known for its most innovative products and technology solutions and is recognized as a professional trade show for the US retail industry. The culmination of the shows high-tech, will display the latest technology like the physical store marketing, digital stores etc., on behalf of the retail industry and the industrys most advanced concepts and trends.

RONGTA New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

Epee without front, clever and not work. This time Rongta launched a series of weighing scale and label printer, is the performed with accumulation of many years effort and a large layout of the future. Such as smart PC touch scales, the industrys leading label printer, eco-friendly design of the portable label machine, which embodies the majority of the label printer industry precipitation, strong R & D strength, cross-field comprehensive ability, industry leading thoughts and the accurate judgments of the future trend of the products.

RONGTA New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

RONGTA New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

Many of our new products and innovative ideas, brings a fresh feelings to our regular clients at the scene, with their enthusiastic pursuit, also attracted many new clients’ attention. In the intelligence-based era, Rongta bring large demand in line with the market value. Precise positioning and exquisite design of the PC smart scales, cloud-printing label printers which meets mainstream needs. And in the lines of market requirements of portable label printers. Of course, Rongda is not just focus on the products, but to bring the existing and future business opportunities blueprint. An endless stream of customers and the new eager of the new product, is the main trend of Rongta exhibition area.

RONGTA New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

RONGTA New Products Sparkling at 2017 NRF Show

Why Rongta adhere to exhibit in NRF for years, it is for fully meeting the developing trend, solutions and market prospects of the future of the retail and shopping malls supplies. Looking for professional partners and enhancing the companys image and product visibility. And we want to seize the excellent opportunities to expand the international market. Rongta will uphold the concept of absorption, acceptance, innovation, leading. To pursuit of expressing Made In China a high degree meaning and to establish a national fame brand. As our mission, we will create value and share opportunities.

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