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Fault treatment of 80mm Thermal Printer

Fault treatment of 80mm Thermal Printer

  • 2019/08/21
Fix the Paper Jam
When paper jam happens, turn off the power supply and open the top cover, wait for the cooling of print head then remove the jammed paper. After that, reload the paper roll and close the top cover. Use the recommendatory paper or the one which has the same quality with specified width would reduce the risk of paper jam.

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Fault treatment of 80mm Thermal Printer
When the printer appears faults, please fix them correspondingly referring to this section. If it still can’t work, please contact the distributor or manufacturer.

1、When indicators light on the control board is out

Check whether the power wire inserts the printer, power adaptor or power socket correctly. Check whether the power switch is on or off.

2、The indicator light is on, while the printer can’t work
Do the self-checking to check whether the printer can work normally. If not, please contact the distributor or technical support.
If the self-checking can work, please check the following contents:
(1) Check the interfaces of printer and computer and also check whether the connected line between them is to their specification requirement.
(2) The setting of data transmission between printer and computer may be different. You know the printer’s interface setting through the self-testing page. Please contact the agent or technical support if the printer cannot print.

Printer driver

Two types of drive for 80 Series: one is installed directly under Windows9x/ ME/2000 /XP/WIN7/WIN8, the other is to drive through Ethernet.
(1) Install driver under Windows
Add printer in the Windows, and appoint the driver documents in the driver disk to Windows. It can print once you start print command in the program. In this way, Windows’ printer driver turns characters to graphics dot-matrix for printing.
(2) Install driver by Interface
In this way, no need for drive program. It can print just when it output character to port and the hard font inside printer realizes the character exchange printing. By port for driver, the printing type transforms page printing to line printing, which controls printing more conveniently.

If you use port driver, it need instruction set to control printing of the printer, while 80 series have already integrated ESC/POS instruction set inside the printer.

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