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  • The Basic Function and Introduction of Portable Thermal Printer RPP02N
    • Jul 11,2019

    The Basic Function and Introduction of Portable Thermal Printer RPP02N Preparing before usage 1、Battery Installation 1)Pull up the buckle, open battery cover; 2)As shown in the picture, put battery into the battery compartment. Please do not put the negative and positive poles of battery in wrong way; 3)Then closed the battery cover. 2、Paper Roll Installation Usage Method: 1)Using two hands to kee...

  • The Introduction and Performance of Mobile Printer RPP02N
    • Jul 10,2019

    1、Mobile Printer RPP02N Outer Design 1)Feed Key 2)Power Key 3)Status Indicator 4)Charge Indicator 5)Printer Top Cover 6)Body 7)Printer front Cover 8)RS232 Socket 9)Power supply Interface 10)USB Interface 11)Battery Cover 2、Performance of Mobile Printer RPP02N 1) Print Performance Printing way: Direct thermal print Paper width: 56mm Printing width: 48mm Resolution: 8dots/mm (203dpi) Dot/line: ...

  • The Usage Notice of Portable receipt Printer RPP02N
    • Jul 10,2019

    I. The notice of Rongta RPP02N portable receipt printer Please read the following information carefully before using the printer! 1.1 Safety Notice RPP02N portable receipt printer can only use battery and power adapter provided by our company, or it may cause damage to the printer, battery leakage, fire or explosion. Do not put the battery into the fire, not make it short circuit, break up or heat...

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