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Installation And Operation of 58mm Receipt Printer

Installation And Operation of 58mm Receipt Printer

  • 2019/07/17

Installation And Operation of 58mm Receipt Printer.

1、Contents in the package


Please check the parts when opening the box, if there is something  missed, please contact with the supplier or the manufacturer.

Installation And Operation of 58mm Receipt Printer

2、Printer connection

(1)  To ensure the printer and PC is powered off and then insert the matched  data connection lines to the interfaces (USB/Parallel/Serial) of the printer, the other ends are to the PC.

(2)  If the user fit out the electric opened cash drawer for the printer that could insert the RJ-11 connection line of it to the corresponding interface of the printer. (PS: The specification of cash drawer should be accorded with the driver requirement of printer).

(3)  Power adapter

Please only use the supplied power adapter. Such as the following picture:

Installation of 58mm Receipt Printer


(1)  Firstly, insert the power supply plug DC12V of printer; then connect the AC220V power; lastly, turn on the switch. Please operate it by the instruction steps; otherwise, it would damage the printer.

(2)  Use unsuitable power adapter would cause the bad print result; even though may cause the breakdown of printer.

(3)  Do not connect the telephone line to the interface of cash drawer; because  it may result the damage for printer and telephone.

(4)  Do not pull the power soft wire when unplugging, if the user does  it by force may result the breakdown of the printer and power adapter.

3、Load the paper roll

Model: 58 printer use 58mm width thermal paper, which with easy paper loading.The loading instruction is listed at below:

(1)  Open the top cover of printer.

(2)  Loading the paper roll as following picture. (Left is correct; right is wrong).

58mm POS Printer

(3)  Pull a part of paper out of the paper trough and then close the top cover.

(4) Use the cutter of printer to tear off the extra paper.

4、Power Switch, Keystroke and Indicator Light

(1) Power switch

Switch is for turning on/off the power supply of printer which is located right ahead of it. When pressing “-” is turn on the printer and pressing “O”  is turn off.

Notice:Do not turn on the switch unless the user connects the power supply.

(2) Keystroke and indicator light

Keystroke and indicator board is listed as below:

58mm Receipt Printer

Function Description of Keystroke and Indicator Light:


In the standby status, the printer would be continuous feed when pressing the feed key. Of course, the key is inefficacy when the printer is working.

Press the feed key and switch on the power supply while the key is  still under pressing, then the user could do the self-checking of printer.


Light appears when connected to the power supply.


Light appears under following condition:

Such as: paperless, paper jam, print head overheat, print  head error or other situations.


Light appears when paperless.

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