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  • Serial Port Setting and Search Function of 80mm POS Receipt Printer
    • Apr 02,2022

    1. Serial Port Setting of 80mm POS Receipt Printer You can change the serial port parameters of the printer according to your needs, such as data bits, handshake signal protocol, etc. Note: After setting the serial port, the printer's serial port parameters have changed. You need to return to the main screen and reconfigure the serial port (the configuration parameters must be consistent with the ...

  • How to choose between thermal printer and thermal-transfer printer?
    • Jun 30,2023

    Receipt printers and label printers are being widely used in various industries such as retail, logistics, warehousing, banking, tax control, and food delivery, serving as powerful tools to improve operational efficiency and ensure accurate information. Based on the different printing methods, there are two technologies for receipt printers and label printers: thermal printing and thermal transfer...

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