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The Introduction and Performance of Mobile Printer RPP02N

The Introduction and Performance of Mobile Printer RPP02N

  • 2019/07/10

1、Mobile Printer RPP02N Outer Design

Mobile Printer

1)Feed Key

2)Power Key

3)Status Indicator

4)Charge Indicator

5)Printer Top Cover


7)Printer front Cover

8)RS232 Socket

9)Power supply Interface

10)USB Interface

11)Battery Cover

2、Performance of Mobile Printer RPP02N

1) Print Performance

Printing way: Direct thermal print

Paper width: 56mm

Printing width: 48mm

Resolution: 8dots/mm (203dpi)

Dot/line: 384dots

Printing speed: 50-80mm/s

Paper thickness: 60-80μm

Printing Content: Chinese (Support all GB18030 Chinese character, character

sets), ASCII character, some full width custom characters and some half width custom

characters; barcode: CODE39, EAN13, EAN8, CODABAR, CODE93, ITF; graphics.

2)Physics Parameter

Outer dimension: 103x75x46mm

Gross weight: 240g (Include the paper roll)

Scroll Diameter: ≤40mm

Interface: RS232, USB, Bluetooth; Interfaces varied with different models. See

the model description.

3)Environment Parameter

Working temperature:-10°C~50°C

Working humidity: 20%~85%

Storing temperature:-20°C~70°C

Storing humidity:5%~95%

4)Other Performance

Paper loading way: Clamshell paper loading(as details 3.1.2 Paper Roll Installation);

Paper sensor: Power and function indicator of printer flashes when come to paper end meanwhile alarm;

Printing Command: ESC/POS compatible with commands set (see “02N Command Set”), the user could get it from the supplier;

Power: 1600 mAh rechargeable li-ion battery;

Adapter to recharge: battery can be filled with in 3.5 hours. USB to recharge: battery can be filled with in 7 hours.

Notice: The battery to recharge can’t use Adapter and USB at the same time.

A charging time available: Normally, the battery could be used for printing 230meters or 6.5 hours(The test print density is 12.5%). The parameter is only for reference; the capacity of the battery would be decreased after a long time using and could not ensure the actual print time.

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