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The Main Features and Technical Specification of RP80 series Thermal Printer

The Main Features and Technical Specification of RP80 series Thermal Printer

  • 2019/08/14
The Main Features and Technical Specification of RP80 series Thermal Printer
1、Main Features of RP80 series thermal printer
● High print quality
● Low noise
● Supports cash drawer driver
● Exquisite and lightweight,Pretty outside design
● Reasonable structure, easy using
● the font could be magnified, bolded or underlined, and also the character line spacing and left and right spacing can be adjusted before printing.
● Supports the print of different density bitmap and download figure.
● To realize and call built-in and cartridge font high speed printing in driver printing (dot printing).
● Low power consumption and operation cost(No need ribbon or ink box)

● Emulation: ESC/POS

2、Specification of RP80 series thermal printer

● Printing Method:Direct thermal printing
● Paper Width:79.5±0.5mm
● Effective Printing Width:72mm
● Printing Speed:250mm/s
● Print head performance
    Resolution:504 dots/line or 576 dots/line
    TPH: 100KM
● Interface:

USE Interface: USB+Serial+Ethernet

Thermal Printer with USB

WUS Interface: USB+Serial+WIFI

WIFI Thermal Printer

WUE Interface: USB+WIFI+Ethernet

Thermal Printer with Wifi and USB

US Interface: USB+Serial

Thermal Printer with Serial

UP Interface: USB+Parallel(25PIN)

Thermal Printer Manufacturer

P Interface: Parallel(36PIN)

Thermal Printer for Sale

Cash Drawer Control:6 lines RJ-11 socket,output: DC24V/1A
● Character
    ASCII code character set:12×24 dots,1.25(W)×3.00(H)mm
    Chinese character:24×24 dots,3.00(W)×3.00(H)mm
    International Code page: 10 types of international language--- PC437、
    Katakana、PC850、PC860、PC863、PC865、WPC1252、 PC866、PC852、PC858 and so on.
    Printing Barcode:Supports 9 types of barcode printing, UPC-A、UPC-E、
    EAN(JAN)13、EAN(JAN)8、CODE39、CODABAR、ITF、CODE93、CODE128 and so on.
● Printing paper:
    Paper Type:Thermal paper
    Recommendatory thermal paper:
        Item #:AF50KS-E Manufacturer:Jujo Thermal Oy(Finland)
        Item #:TF-50KS-E Manufacturer:Nippon Paper Industries Co.,Ltd
(1) Suggest to using the recommendatory thermal paper or the one which has the same quality, otherwise, it would affect the printing result; even though, will shorten the life of thermal head.
(2) Don’t use the paper roll which the end of paper is pasted at the axis core, it would cause the damage to the printer.
(3) If the thermal paper is polluted by the chemical or oil, it would fading or decreases the feeling of heat and influence the print result finally.
(4) It would result the fading of thermal paper if to use the hard material to chafe the surface.
(5) Please pay attention to the temperature, humidity and illumination of the storage for thermal paper. The paper would fade if the storage temperature is over 70 centigrade.
● Emulation: ESC/POS
    Print Font:Support ANK. The font could be magnified, bolded or underlined and the user also could adjust the character spacing before printing.
    Print Dot/Map:Supports the printing of different dots and graphic
● Power Adapter
    Adapter Input:AC 110V/220V,50〜60Hz
    Adapter Output:DC 24V/2.5A
    Printer Input:DC 24V/2.5A
● Net Weight:About 2.3 kg(exclude the paper roll)
● Dimension:195(L) × 145(W) × 148(H) mm
● Environmental Adaption
    Operation Temperature:0〜50°C Operation Humidity:10〜80%
    Storage Temperature:-10〜60°C Storage Humidity:10〜90%
● Model
    80USE      The Printer has USE Interface
    80WUS     The Printer has WUS Interface
    80WUE     The Printer has WUE Interface8
    80US        The Printer has US Interface
    80UP        The Printer has UP Interface
    80P          The Printer has P Interface
    80USEB    The Printer has USE and Bluetooth Interface

    The specific interface is according to the printer received actually.

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