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The Usage Notice of 76mm Impact Printer

The Usage Notice of 76mm Impact Printer

  • 2019/07/30

76mm impact printer is POS impact dot matrix receipt printer with stable  performance, high reliability and simple operation. It is widely used in supermarkets, shopping  malls, hospitals, restaurants, banks, gas stations, toll collection  and other places for its highcost effective. Please read the content of the following carefully before using  the printer, and strictly it.

1、76mm impact printer Warnings

Warning:Do not touch the printer cutter or paper tearing cutter.

Warning:The print head is the heat components. Do not touch the print head and the peripheral components during the printing process or just finishing the printing.


(1)    The printer should be put on solid place. Don’t put printer on  vibration and shocking place.

(2)    Don’t print or save printer in high-temperature, high-humidity and heavily polluted place.

(3)    Printer adapter should be connected to a properly grounded socket. Don’t use the same socket together with large motors or other  equipment that may cause voltage fluctuations.

(4)    Avoid water or conductive material (such metal) going into the inside  of the printer, once happen, should turn off the power immediately.

(5)    If long time not uses printers, should disconnect the adapter power.

(6)    Don't disassemble the printer for overhaul or transformation.

(7)    Please only use the adapter, which is together with printer

(8)    To ensure the quality and lifetime of printer, we recommend using high-quality thermal paper and ribbon.

(9)    Make sure the printer power is turned off when Pull or plug  connection lines.

(10)    When pull or plug power cord, please hold at the cord end, which is marked with arrow (do not pull the soft part of the cord).

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