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The Usage Notice of Portable receipt Printer RPP02N

The Usage Notice of Portable receipt Printer RPP02N

  • 2019/07/10

I. The notice of Rongta RPP02N portable receipt printer

Please read the following information carefully before using the printer!

1.1 Safety Notice

RPP02N portable receipt printer can only use battery and power adapter provided by our company, or it may cause damage to the printer, battery leakage, fire or explosion.

Do not put the battery into the fire, not make it short circuit, break up or heating, otherwise it may cause the battery leakage, fire or explosion.

The battery liquid is corrosive, if the user’s careless operation leads the battery leakage and the liquid viscosity to the skin or the clothes please use the clean water for washing immediately, if accidentally into the eyes, please rinse with plenty of clean water to wash the eyes then goes to the hospital.

Do not open paper cover and use hand or any part of body to touch the printer mechanism when printing or printing just end, to avoid the exorbitant temperature causes scald.

Do not use the printer when the operation is failed because that would cause a fire or electric shock. Please turn off and unplug it, then call the dealer.

1.2 Usage Notice

RPP02N mobile receipt printer can not be immerged into the water and not be exposed in the rain for a long time; otherwise it may lead the damage to the printer.

Do not open the paper cover when printing or it may cause the printer working improperly.

If use the serial interface to print, do not pull off the serial line when printing, otherwise it may result in incompletion of the final print data.

When using IR to print, the user should aim the IR windows of main equipment at the IR windows of printer, the distance between them should be not more than 50 centimeters, and the angle should not exceed 30 degrees, or it may lead to print garbled or unable to print.

The printer could work stably from -10°C to 50°C, but the higher temperature(>/=45°C) or lower temperature (

Higher humidity (>/=85%) or lower humidity (

Use the bad print paper or long time storage paper would affect the print quality, even damage the printer.

When the printer is working in black mark detection mode (when printing the pre-print receipt with black mark), it requires the black mark that on the pre-print paper is accord with black mark printing standard (as details in 4.2 Pre-print Black Mark Instruction), otherwise it may lead the printer disable to detect the black mark accurately.

The battery of the printer is better running out before charging, which could effectively ensure the lifespan of it.

1.3 Storage Notice

RPP02N mini portable receipt printer should be stored in the environment where the temperature is -20°C to 70°C and relative humidity is 5% to 95%.

If the user plan to store the printer for a long time, please be sure to take out the battery and stored it separately, or it may result in the battery lose efficacy, even leakage and then damage the printer.

The storage time of common thermal paper is short, if the user need to print the long-term preservation receipt, please use long-acting thermal paper.

Do not store the thermal paper in a high temperature or direct sunlight environment, if it has been sealed off, please store it in dark place.

1.4 Battery Safety Notice

Please read this user manual carefully before using the printer. Ignoring the followings may cause overheating, burning, explosion, damage of the battery and/or debase the lifespan of the printer.


1. Do not let water or sea water in or leak into the battery. If the safety device in it is burned out, any charge of it would lead abnormity current and/ or voltage and bring unusual chemistry reaction, then cause the overheating, burning and/ or explosion of it.

2. Do not use or place the battery near burner or high temperature environment.Overheating may cause the damage to the resin shell and/or heat insulation material, and bring the short circuit in the battery then lead the overheating, burning and/ or explosion of it.

3. Please use dedicated charger when charging. When charging under the excluded conditions (such as high temperature, high voltage/current or using modified charger) may cause excessive battery charging, abnormal current and/ or voltage, bring unusual chemistry reaction and then may result in overheating, burning and or explosion of it.

4. Positive and negative poles are marked clearly on the battery. The user should make sure the battery position is correct when inserting it in the charger or product.Reverse insertion would lead reserve charging, may bring unusual chemistry reaction and then cause overheating, burning and/or explosion of the battery.

5. Do not make the battery contact to power socket and/or car cigarette lighting socket, which may lead high voltage, bring excessive current and result in overheating, burning and/or explosion of it.

6. Do not heat the battery or put it into the fire that may melt the heat insulation material and/or damage the safety device or equipment and make the electrolytic ignited, then bring overheating, burning and/or explosion of it.

7. Do not take the opposite position ((+) and (-)) when using battery. During the charging process, it would cause reverse charge and bring unusual chemistry reaction. During the using process, it may bring unpredictable current abnormity, then cause overheating, burning and/or explosion of it.

8. Do not make the battery poles ((+) and (-)) contact to any metal. In addition, do not take or store it with metal materials, such as necklace, hairpin etc. Short circuit in the battery may cause excessive current, then bring overheating, burning and/or explosion of it and overheating of neighboring metal materials.

9. Do not throw the battery or make it damaged. If the safety device in it is burned out, any charging of it would bring abnormal current and/or voltage, bring

unusual chemistry reaction, then may lead to overheating, burning and/or explosion of it.

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