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The Usage and Safety Notice of 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer

The Usage and Safety Notice of 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer

  • 2019/07/16

Rongta 58mm is a POS direct thermal receipt printer with easy operation and high cost effective, which is widely used in supermarket, hospital, restaurant, bank,  oil station, turnpike etc.

1、Safety Notice of 58mm thermal receipt printer

Please read carefully and strict compliance with use of following instructions before operating the printer.

Safety warning:

Warning01:Do not touch the cutter of printer.

Warning02:The print head is heating element; do not touch it and its peripheral parts during the printing process or the print just ended.

Warning03:Do not touch the surface of print head and its connections to  avoid damage it.

2、Usage Notice of 58mm thermal receipt printer

(1) The printer should be installed at a firm place and avoid it  in vibration and shake.

(2) Do not use or store the printer in the location of high temperature,  humidity or heavy pollution.

(3) The power adapter of printer should be connected to a properly grounded socket. Avoid using the same socket with other large electronic machines or the equipments which could cause the voltage fluctuation.

(4)  Do not let water or foreign objects get inside the printer, if it happens, please turn off the power supply immediately.

(5)  Printer could not be worked under the paperless process; otherwise it would seriously damage the print roll and the thermal print head.

(6)  Please disconnect the power supply if a long time not to use the  printer.

(7)  The user is not allowed to dismantle the printer by self for repairing  or remolding.

(8)  Use only supplied power adapter.

(9)  In order to ensure the printing quality and extend the life of printer,  please use the recommendatory thermal paper or the one which has the same quality.

(10) Please make sure the power of printer is off when plugging the connecting line.

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