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  • Installation And Operation of 76mm Impact Printer
    • Jul 30,2019

    1、76mm Impact Printer connection method The printer and the PC should be closed and communication cable  is inserted in the printer connection port. The other side of communication cable (serial cable is 9-pin connector and parallel cable is 25 -pin connector) is inserted in the host PC's serial / parallel / USB /Ethernet. (2) If cash drawer can be open electrically, put the RJ-11 connector i...

  • Technical Specifications of 76mm Impact Receipt Printer
    • Jul 30,2019

    1、Main features of 76mm impact receipt printer ● Low noise, bidirectional and high speed printing ● Support cash drawer driver, support double color printing (black and red) ● Compact and attractive appearance ● Reasonable structure, easy operation and maintenance ● Interface optional : USB, parallel, serial,Ethernet ● Paper source sensor, automatic paper loading, and  automatic detection of ...

  • The Usage Notice of 76mm Impact Printer
    • Jul 30,2019

    76mm impact printer is POS impact dot matrix receipt printer with stable  performance, high reliability and simple operation. It is widely used in supermarkets, shopping  malls, hospitals, restaurants, banks, gas stations, toll collection  and other places for its highcost effective. Please read the content of the following carefully before using  the printer, and strictly foll...

  • 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer Maintenance
    • Jul 23,2019

    1、58mm Thermal Receipt Print head maintenance When the printer has following circumstances should clean the print head: (1) Printing is not clear; (2) Some longitudinal columns on the printing page is vague; (3) Loud noise when feeding. Procedure of maintaining the print head is listed  below: (1) Turn off the power supply and open the top cover. Remove the  paper if necessary. (2) Pleas...

  • The Self-checking and Interface of 58mm Receipt Printer
    • Jul 23,2019

    1. Self-checking of 58mm Receipt Printer Self-checking can test the printer is work well or not, if it can print the test  list correctly that means the printer is good enough (which is excluding the problem with the connected interface to PC); otherwise, it needs repair. Self-checking could print software version number, print density, interface type, English character and some Chinese chara...

  • Installation And Operation of 58mm Receipt Printer
    • Jul 17,2019

    Installation And Operation of 58mm Receipt Printer. 1、Contents in the package Parts: Please check the parts when opening the box, if there is something  missed, please contact with the supplier or the manufacturer. 2、Printer connection (1)  To ensure the printer and PC is powered off and then insert the matched  data connection lines to the interfaces (USB/Parallel/Serial) of the pr...

  • The Summary and Technical Specification of 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer
    • Jul 17,2019

    Summary of 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer Main features: ● High print quality ● Low noise ● Supports cash drawer driver ● Compact and lightweight, Pretty outside design ● Good structure, easy using ● Interface: USB, Serial, Parallel ● The font could be magnified, bolded or underlined and the user  also could adjust the character spacing before printing. ● Supports the print of different density...

  • The Usage and Safety Notice of 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer
    • Jul 16,2019

    Rongta 58mm is a POS direct thermal receipt printer with easy operation and high cost effective, which is widely used in supermarket, hospital, restaurant, bank,  oil station, turnpike etc. 1、Safety Notice of 58mm thermal receipt printer Please read carefully and strict compliance with use of following instructions before operating the printer. Safety warning: Warning01:Do not touch the cutte...

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